How I started my own business

A wonderful career as a nail technician

After years of growing up in the industry and watching the craft evolve, I decided I wanted to follow suit. In 2011 I qualified at NSI in the liquid and power foundation course and haven’t looked back since.

Despite popular belief, working in the nail industry isn’t just sitting on a chair doing French tips all day; it’s opened my career up to so many opportunities! I’m very honoured to have worked on some exciting projects over the years. Some of my highlights include working on photoshoots for big commercial campaigns with Superdrug and Claire’s accessories. I’ve also had the pleasure of getting celebrities red carpet ready, including: Anastasia, Jennifer Hudson and Jorgie Porter.

My little inspiration

My career over the past 8 years has been great, but in 2018 I became pregnant with my first child and I knew I wanted to do something which was more flexible and would set my daughters future up – that’s where the idea for AbbyJay Academy was born.

I’ve always had people telling me I should teach, I’m very much a people person and have always acted as a support network for clients and friends, especially ones considering a career in beauty. The Academy just seemed to be the perfect fit as it allowed me to help other people achieve their dreams as nail technicians.

Setting up my own business was not easy

I knew what I wanted to do and had limited (9 months to be exact) time to get it going. I am the first to admit it was hard setting up AbbyJay Academy. There was a lot of logistics and legwork behind the scenes; getting accredited, writing my own manuals and building my own unique brand. But, with all things the slog was absolutely worth it and it’s the best thing I ever did in terms of my career.

Why AbbyJay Academy is different

One thing I said from the start is that I want my Academy to unique; I wanted to teach in my own way to make sure that my students get the best from the courses. I keep the classes small, so that the students get my full attention and provision. I offer a comprehensive support network too which spans from the very beginning of the course right through to after they’ve graduated.

I’m proud of the way AbbyJay Academy is run, my students don’t just learn the basics of nails with me, they can develop themselves as business owners and make lasting friendships.

I absolutely love my job, it’s so rewarding to me seeing my students develop and improve as the course goes on, nothing beats watching their careers flourish after the course has finished … It’s makes me feel like I’m doing my job right and that AbbyJay Academy is helping people to achieve their career aspirations!

AbbyJay Academy’s ‘Hot Right Now’

From kitchen tops and bathrooms to phone cases and electricals, marbling took over the back-end of 2018 and is sure to rise even further in the style stakes throughout 2019. Pinterest and Instagram are full of perfectly poised marble objects at the moment, so it’s no surprise that its transpired through into the beauty world.

Marbling has become a staple nail trend in a matter of weeks, and just when I thought I’d seen it all, people are taking marble nails to beautiful new heights! From subtle waves to more bold staple colours and metallics, I’m really loving this new technique and what nail technicians across the globe are doing with it to express their artistic valour.

AbbyJay Academy’s marbling hot picks of the

Mastering marbling as a nail technician…

Go with the flow, each nail will look different as marbling isn't a symmetrical design. For a little shade lighter go for greys rather than black.

I’m sometimes happy to see a trend fade quickly, but marbling is just so femme-luxe that I’d like to see it stick around and it become a regular request in the industry.