AbbyJay Academy’s ‘Hot Right Now’

From kitchen tops and bathrooms to phone cases and electricals, marbling took over the back-end of 2018 and is sure to rise even further in the style stakes throughout 2019. Pinterest and Instagram are full of perfectly poised marble objects at the moment, so it’s no surprise that its transpired through into the beauty world.

Marbling has become a staple nail trend in a matter of weeks, and just when I thought I’d seen it all, people are taking marble nails to beautiful new heights! From subtle waves to more bold staple colours and metallics, I’m really loving this new technique and what nail technicians across the globe are doing with it to express their artistic valour.

AbbyJay Academy’s marbling hot picks of the

Mastering marbling as a nail technician…

Go with the flow, each nail will look different as marbling isn't a symmetrical design. For a little shade lighter go for greys rather than black.

I’m sometimes happy to see a trend fade quickly, but marbling is just so femme-luxe that I’d like to see it stick around and it become a regular request in the industry.